A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, Central London, 19th January 2023


Business-Critical, Actionable & Engaging Strategies To Accelerate & Advance Your Net-Zero, Carbon & Sustainability Initiatives

24 Speakers. 1 Day. 19th January 2023

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.10 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Robin Sundaram, Responsible Sourcing Manager, Nestlé UK&I

Data: Collection, Measuring & Reporting

09.20 Translate Effective Capturing, Measuring & Reporting Data Insights Into Robust & Actionable Strategies To Accelerate Your Net-Zero Initiatives Today

  • Tackle the pain points around handling data with best-practice techniques to capture and gather data and translate findings into KPIs you can effectively monitor and track
  • Critical questions answered: how can you best collect and process data? How can you really understand it, and how can you make sure your data is comparable?
  • Examine how to maximise processed data and truly understand the nuances of it in order to showcase critical insights to relevant stakeholders who can use it to drive forward action

Jenny Packwood, Chief Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Officer, KFC UK & Ireland

Dr Stephen Finnegan, 
Director of the Zero Carbon Research Initiative, University of Liverpool

Journey To Net Zero: Carbon Reduction & Offsetting

09.40 Establish Robust, Responsible & Authentic Carbon Offsetting Projects Which Deliver Real Business Value & Make A Tangible Impact On The Environment

  • Uncover innovative and forward-thinking offsetting strategies which are set to reduce your organisation’s environmental footprint and deliver bottom line results
  • Mitigate resistance, risk, and long-term uncertainty by deciphering the right framework and operating models for your organisation
  • Explore how to measure and calculate your organisation’s carbon footprint in order to counter this effectively and deliver energy-efficient projects
  • Not all carbon credits are equal, how to avoid junk credits and greenwashing

David Melhuish, Chief Development & Sustainability Officer, The Gym Group

Nicola Smith, Head of Sustainability, Little Freddie

Luke Landers, Sustainability Lead, Naked Wines



Mike Tournier, Carbon Reduction SME, Achilles

Top 5 Trends In ESG For 2023 - Case Study

10.10 Top 5 Trends In ESG For 2023

  • During this session, Ian Spaulding, Chief Growth Officer at LRQA, will give a state of the nation overview of the challenges and opportunities that may impact your organisation’s ESG strategies in the year ahead. 
  • Ian will explore expected legislative impact, effective emissions measurement and reporting, how to meet investor and stakeholder expectations, as well as the emerging innovations that could support your initiatives and enhance your organisation’s credibility.

 Ian Spaulding, Chief Growth Officer, LRQA

10.25 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking 

10.55 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Engaging Stakeholders & Suppliers - PANEL Q&A

11.10 Secure Buy-In, Investment & Long-Term Support By Engaging & Encouraging Senior Leadership, Stakeholders & Suppliers To Forge An Ambitious & Principled Approach To Net-Zero Target Setting

  • Learn the language organisations use to ensure continued investment and transparency against the climate crisis is prioritised by senior leaders
  • Making the business ROI case for sustainability… ascertain how to equitably frame both the opportunities and challenges of Net-Zero to excite and incentivise decision makers, promoting a lasting integration of sustainability into the strategic operations of your business
  • Master the communication tools and pitching techniques necessary for stressing the importance of Net-Zero in a financially stressed environment, keeping climate central to stakeholder discourse
  • Stop the backslide! With large investment firms pivoting away from supporting shareholder resolutions to prevent climate change, how can businesses galvanise these understandably wary players once again?

Chelsey Wroe, Head of Sustainability, HEINEKEN UK

Emma Daly, Responsible Sourcing Manager, Kerry

Stefanie Sahmel, Head of Sustainability, Abel & Cole

Glyn Richards, Group Director of Sustainability, Bupa

Taelor Daniells, Climate & Environment Lead, Coutts

Natalie Deacon, Head Of Corporate Affairs & Sustainability, Avon

James Manning, Senior Transformation Manager, Sustainability & Innovation, Grosvenor

Emerging Technologies

11.40 Boost Energy Efficiencies By Maximising New Tech To Drive Forward Projects & Achieve Your Net-Zero Goals

  • Hear first-hand, user experiences of low cost, low carbon technologies to understand how businesses are harnessing these vital tools to keep pace with science-based emissions targets
  • Cut-through ambiguity and the novelty factor! What could innovations in carbon capture, hydrogen fuel, heat pumps, and more efficient batteries really mean for offsetting your businesses’ emissions?
  • Nature based solutions vs. offsetting technology: decipher which approach is more viable for the decarbonisation of your industry?
  • Tackle the ambiguity around some of the new technologies on offer to decipher which will result in real business benefits and proven results for your organisation

The Circular Economy - Double Perspective

12.00 Reduce, Recycle, Recover – Deliver Practical & Effective Circular Economy Strategies & Initiatives Which Reduce Waste & Conserve Increasingly Hard To Acquire Resources

  • Discuss routes to secondary markets for challenging waste materials to protect ecosystems and improve the security of the supply of raw materials
  • Innovate with your suppliers to guarantee long-term efficiencies, tackling the interconnected issues of waste management and sustainability
  • How can product innovations ‘eco-design’, help reduce the built-in obsolescence in your supply chains?
  • Drive and encourage international collaboration around circular economy initiatives and ensure you get teams onboard to deliver practical outcomes and guarantee long-term efficiencies

12.00 James Manning, Senior Transformation Manager, Sustainability & Innovation, Grosvenor

12.20 Tom Maidment, Group Product Sustainability Senior Manager, Hilton Foods

12.40 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.10 Informal Breakout Discussions

A) Target Setting – Julie Ricau, Environmental Engineering Manager, Thames Water

B) Supply Chains
C) Nature-Based Solutions
D) Carbon Capture & Storage
E) Regenerative Agriculture
F) Decarbonising Heat – Hydrogen 

13.40 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks


13.50 Determine The Real Role For Biodiversity Solutions To Reduce Net-Zero Emissions & How To Deliver In A Transparent & Meaningful Way, Mitigating Greenwashing!

  • Investigate how to strike that crucial balance between mitigating carbon emissions and protecting biodiversity, a symbiotic relationship essential to reaching Net-Zero targets
  • Trees are nature’s most cost-efficient carbon capture technology so what role will businesses play in forthcoming transformational land use change?
  • Which holistic pathway best suits your strategic goals, and how will Net-Zero fit within Natural Capital Assessments?
  • Identify your long-term goals in order to determine which pathways and strategies suit your organisation best

Engaging Viewers & Customers

14.10 In This ITV Case Study They Will Be Exploring…

  • How they are reflecting the climate transition into the wider culture
  • How they are supporting audiences in that transition through engaging content
  • How they are harnessing different TV genres and campaigns to have different impacts
  • How they are collaborating across the creative sector with other broadcasters and producers to increase positive impact

Jeremy Mathieu, Head of Sustainability, ITV

Regulation, Compliance & Guidance

14.30 Create Net-Zero Strategies Confidently Within The Code Of Compliance, Regulation & Policy By Unpicking The Boundaries & Complexities In The UK, EU & Beyond

  • Anxious about what might be coming down the pipeline? Plan ahead for how a more aggressive approach to emissions reductions will impact the future operations of your business
  • Cross-examine how a possible carbon tax may work in practise and how to pre-emptively minimise its effects on your bottom line
  • How have new policies and regulations been the driving force behind new Net-Zero strategies?
  • Avoid greenwashing and seriously tackle the nuances of the SCOPEs, contradictory regulatory regimes and what it means in practise to be a ‘carbon neutral’ business
  • As the world continues to accelerate practical action, how will specific guidance and regulation need to adapt?

14.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.05 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

BSI Case Study

15.35 Bonus Session; Reserved For Our Conference Partner BSI

Packaging & Plastics

15.50 Design Pioneering Plastic & Packaging Solutions Which Minimise Waste Without Compromising On The Integral Pillars Of Design, Quality & Safety

  • Anticipate potential alternatives to plastic that are food or product safe and cost-effective
  • Adopt forward-thinking packaging strategies and put product lifecycle under the microscope to temper the growing reliance on landfill
  • Examine how innovations in product design are crucial to tackling burgeoning waste issues globally
  • Actionable tips and tricks to drive forward ground-breaking packaging and plastic commitments

Paola Camara, QSE Operational Risk Management Manager, Pernod Ricard Spain

Lessons Learned: Opportunities & Challenges - PANEL Q&A

16.10 Review, Reflect & Reimagine! Explore Real-World Lessons Learned To Build & Develop Robust & Seamless Strategies & Initiatives Which Power Progress & Drive Forward Net-Zero Action Today

  • Discuss and debate the real impact of current events on Net-Zero progress by reviewing the continued challenges presented by the pandemic; Brexit; supply chain disruption and economic slowdown
  • From setbacks to successes… explore the opportunities and challenges presented by different internal approaches to Net-Zero and how you can implement lessons learned to future-proof your initiatives
  • Examine best-in-class advice on how to set goals and targets to truly embed net-zero into your business planning

Simon Gadd, Group Climate Change Director, Legal & General

Cllr Rishi Madlani, Head of Climate & Sustainable Finance, NatWest Group

Cathleen Siemen, Sustainability Manager Europe, Colgate-Palmolive

Paddy Pope, Energy & Carbon Manager, Bank of England

16.40 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks

16.50 Official Close Of Conference