The Net-Zero Carbon Conference - Taking Action

Maintain Momentum, Increase Efficiencies & Deliver Meaningful Impact With Mission-Critical, Resilient & Practical Strategies To Power Sustainability Progress & Accelerate Net-Zero Action

Innovative Carbon Reduction & Offsetting • Data: Collection, Measuring & Reporting • Cutting-Edge Technologies • Transparent Circular Economy & Supply Chains • Navigate Regulation, Compliance & Guidance • Biodiversity & Nature • Ground-Breaking Plastic & Packaging Solutions • Financing The Climate Transition • Lessons Learned: Opportunities & Challenges

13th September 2023, Amsterdam

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.20 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Simon Henzell-Thomas, Global Director of Climate, Ingka Group (IKEA)




9.30 Innovative, Inspirational & Forward-Thinking Carbon Reduction & Offsetting Strategies To Reduce Your Organisation’s Environmental Footprint, Power Progress & Deliver Real Long-Lasting Action

  • Discuss, debate and deep dive into the effectiveness and reliability of new and existing carbon offsetting schemes to decipher which will boost success for your Net-Zero goals
  • The goal may be to reach your targets, but should we actually be focused around sustainability living in and at Net-Zero levels? Switch the focus, reframe the conversation to change mindsets around goal setting in order and accomplish meaningful and sustainable carbon reduction and offsetting frameworks
  • Critical questions answered! What are the different approaches to offsetting today? What are the standards to these? Are they reliable, and if not, where can you apply further research on the effects on the positive impact of schemes and the reliability of them?

Isabelle Valentin, Chief Technical Officer, Eurostyle Systems

Toby Crewe, EMEA Senior Director Sustainability, CBRE Group Inc


10.00 Maximise Data Captured With Standardised Metrics To Meet Reporting Standards & Translate Critical Insights Into Actionable Strategies To Effectively Monitor & Track Progress

  • It all starts from the capturing: examine best-practice and tackle the pain points around data capturing and handling in order to pull together an effective measurement model to propel forward your initiatives
  • The pathway is mapped out yet there is still an absence of a unique way of measuring carbon emissions… benchmark success and translate findings into standardised metrics to evidence success, prove results and drive future action
  • Lead the way with robust reporting frameworks which prove impact, value and the success of your efforts in order to satisfy stakeholders and secure long-term buy-in for you initiatives

10.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

10.50 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.20 Pave The Way To Net-Zero With The Latest Cutting-Edge & New-To-Market Technologies Which Minimise Carbon Output, Maximise Efficiencies & Best Serve Your Business & Targets  

  • From AI, hydrogen, carbon capture and electrification to heat pumps and new batteries, discover the cutting-edge technologies, explore the technologies businesses are harnessing today which can drive forward your Net-Zero and sustainability projects
  • You need to have the right tools in place to select the right technology! Delve into the pros, cons and offerings of new tech and AI in order to select the right technologies best suited for your organisation in order to deliver effective support for your Net-Zero agenda
  • What systems are worth the investment? How can you weigh up the potential financial value of sustainable action against the high price of investment in new technologies?


11.40 Design & Develop A Practical Roadmap To Achieve Sustainable & Circular Business Models With Practical, Transparent & Innovative Collaboration Initiatives Throughout The Supply Chain Which Drive Long-Term Efficiencies

  • Tackle the lack of visibility in your supply chain by developing and improving your capabilities and systems to go beyond direct suppliers and customers to reduce emissions across the whole value chain
  • Examine the impact of product life cycles to really optimise efficiencies and reduce the CO2 footprint from the beginning of production in addition to reducing scope three emissions with your partners for maximum effect
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders, Government’s, NGO’s and other companies to explore innovative initiatives turning waste into raw materials for real and improved CE frameworks
  • Engage decision makers and mitigate kickback to get people on board with your CE and collaboration initiatives to ensure long-term and practical CE outcomes

Isobel Edwards, Executive Director, Vice President – Green, Social & Impact Bonds, NN IP, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Toby Crewe, EMEA Senior Director Sustainability, CBRE Group Inc


12.20 Navigate Complex & Ambiguous Regulation & Confidently & Compliantly Accelerate Net-Zero Action By Unpicking The Boundaries To Empower Cross-Industry Collaboration & Drive Global Change

  • Decipher how Green Taxonomy, the CSRD, SBTI, and other regulatory policies and measures have redesigned the roadmap to Net-Zero to drive through new, practical and actionable strategies
  • Get ahead of the curve! Where grey areas in legislation are yet to be clarified, plan ahead and accelerate practical action to mitigate greenwashing and reach targets before they are due
  • How can cross-industry collaboration act as guidance and drive regulatory bodies to meet the need of clear and consistent regulation to reach the shared goal of reduced emissions globally?
  • Explore best-in-class advice on how to tackle the lack of regulation and ambiguity of polices in order to effectively and proactively prepare to respond to upcoming and updated reporting requirements

Roman Godau, Senior Manager Public Affairs, Novartis

12.40 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.00 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

  1. Target Setting
  2. Engaging Stakeholders
  3. Regenerative Agriculture
  4. Greenwashing
  5. Carbon Market

Dorothy Shaver, Global Food Sustainability Director, Unilever 

13.40 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Leen Vander Kuylen, Director Supplier Management & Procurement, TUI Airline

Russell Knight, Head of Sustainability & Social Value, Network Rail




13.50 Determine The Role Of Nature & Biodiversity In Your Net-Zero Strategies To Build A Biodiverse & Resilient Environment & Drive Global Action Today

  • Determine how to measure and quantify your biodiversity impact by turning the intangible into tangible metrics for transparent reporting, effective tracking and sustainable outcomes
  • Empower and prioritise a collaborative partnership between your carbon reduction initiatives and nature and biodiversity strategies within business models to deliver meaningful impact
  • How can businesses innovate and adapt their business models to account for biodiversity impacts? What can be done to integrate nature-based solutions and the principles of circularity to reduce natural resources consumption and waste generation?

Rado Georgiev, Strategic Sustainability Advisor, BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking

Gabrielle Durisch, Global Head of ESG & Sustainability Solutions, Allianz Global Corporate & Speciality (AGCS)


14.20 Drive Forward Ground-Breaking, Cost-Effective & Innovative Plastic & Packaging Solutions Which Reduce Waste Without Sacrificing On Quality, Safety & Design

  • Explore actionable and practical insights to effectively navigate availability issues and translate plastic alternatives into a business reality for continued impact
  • There is no quick fix! Evaluate the risks behind plastic alternatives when redesigning packaging solutions in order to ensure protection from greenwashing and avoid inadvertent consequences
  • Optimise your product life cycles and maximise efficiencies in waste management by considering raw materials and packaging right from the design and development stage

14.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.10 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


15.40 Wilbert Hermans, Program Director Sustainable Development, Center Parcs


16.00 Profit For The Planet: Secure Investment & Finance The Transition To Sustainability & Renewable Energy With Key Advice From Financial Leaders

  • Explore how to effectively embed climate into your business strategy and incentivise key stakeholders to invest in climate transition projects – from the investors themselves!
  • Discover opportunities to monetise sustainability and profit from being green to ensure both financial and sustainability targets are met


16.20 Progress Is Being Made, Lessons Are Being Learned & Opportunities Are Arising! Benchmark Success, Overcome Obstacles & Accelerate Action By Uncovering Real-World Lessons Learned Across Industries Today

  • How can you manage the growing tension between focusing on your individual targets and taking into account global emission levels? What should you be prioritising, and how can we all work better together for greater impact?
  • As global disruption continues, evaluate the real impact of current events on Net-Zero progress by reviewing the continued challenges presented by energy crises, supply chain disruption and economic slowdown
  • COP27, what’s next? Once you made your commitment, what procedures were put in place to make sure you reach those goals and make real, tangible progress?

Susan Meal, Regional Sustainability Director, Europe & Middle East, Compass Group PLC

16.50 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close of Conference

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