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Business-Critical, Practical & Actionable Insights & Initiatives Which Increase Efficiencies & Engagement & Deliver Meaningful Impact: Accelerate Practical Action & Drive Forward Your Organisation’s Net-Zero Carbon & Sustainability Strategies
Carbon Reduction – Tech & Innovations • Biodiversity • Engaging Leaders & Stakeholders • Packaging & Plastics • Circular Economy • Water Reduction • Renewable Tech • Carbon Reduction - Offsetting • Nature-Led & Regenagri • COP26 Actions • Real-World Lessons Learned

A Virtual, One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 30th November 2021, Online. Group Discounts Available! Book 4 For 3.

A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 30th November 2021, Virtually. Group Discounts Available!

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks
Azin Kafai, Head of Social Impact & Sustainability, The Inkey List


09.10 How Does Technology & Engineering Innovation Support A Retailer’s Commitment To Net Zero?

  • Why innovation is important, and how can innovation support capital programmes?
  • Deep dive into using lifecycle analysis to support long-term investment
  • Boost innovation and energy efficiencies by maximising technology to drive forward projects and achieve science-based emissions targets

David Merefield, Carbon, Utilities & Engineering Manager, Sainsbury’s


09.30 Develop & Refine A Corporate Biodiversity Strategy Which Delivers Meaningful Impact, Hits Your Goals & Drives Forward Net-Zero Action Today

  • Understand the mechanisms and develop realistic solutions: what is the real value behind it and ultimately, what do you want to achieve?
  • From ambition to action: identify your long-term goals in order to determine the biodiversity pathway which best suits your organisation
  • Reporting progress and measuring success: track impact and prove effectiveness with the right metrics and measurement tools

Rich Eadie, Head of Strategy, Sustainability & Group Transformation, Severn Trent


09.50 Deliver Best-In-Class Comms & Pitches Which Engage Leaders & Stakeholders To Secure Buy-In, Investment & Long-Term Support For Your Net-Zero Agenda

  • How can you drive sustainability from the CEOs office to the general workspace?
  • From the top down, or from the bottom up…  ensure you are effectively communicating to all parties in the right manner in order to win that all-important employee buy-in
  • Perfect your pitch! Engage leadership for continued investment to fully embed net zero into your business planning and strategies today
  • Successfully align your net zero agenda with the wider company culture to truly engage colleagues at all levels

Dr Philip Tamuno, Head of Sustainability, Queen Mary University of London


Matt Bullivant, Head Of Sustainability, Close Brothers


10.20 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

10.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


11.20 Pioneering Packaging & Plastics Commitments Which Minimise Waste Without Compromising On Design, Quality & Safety

  • Reduce, recycle, recover: mitigate the risk of your packaging ending up in landfill or as litter with robust and forward-thinking packaging strategies
  • Accelerate the use of recycled packaging and overall plastic reduction by rethinking and restrategising with innovative and inspirational innovations
  • Commit and collaborate: tackle growing waste issues globally with corporate involvement in refill and recycling schemes

Will Ennett, Head of Sustainability, TalkTalk


11.40 Practical & Actionable Circular Economy & Collaboration Strategies Which Look Beyond Short-Term Goals To Drive Long-Term Efficiencies

  • Discover how organisations are making circular economy models work for them with technology developments which enable businesses to deliver practical CE outcomes
  • Reusing and remaking! How can you design a product to actually use waste, and how can you find somewhere for your waste materials to go?
  • Top tips and tricks to engage decision makers and mitigate the kickback to get people on board with your collaboration initiatives

11.40 Pedro Ruiz, Environmental Sustainability Engineer, Nestlé España, SA

12.00 George Barrett, Circular Economy Manager, John Lewis Partnership


12.20 Discover Cutting-Edge, New-To-Market Technologies Which Will Enhance Your Renewable Strategies & Accelerate Net-Zero Action

  • Review and examine the vital role technology plays in delivering support for your organisation’s net-zero agenda
  • Industry benchmarking: what systems can support you with your journey, and what are the best software systems and tech out there to drive forward your journey of decarbonisation and energy efficiency?

Panellists To Be Confirmed

12.50 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

12.55 Informal Peer To Peer Breakout Discussions

A) Contracting For Net Zero
Alexander Herridge, Alliance Carbon Manager, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water



B) Supply Chain

C) Climate

13.50 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks
Gill Higgins, Head of Sustainability, Dawn Meats Group


14.00 Combat The Water Crisis & Lower Your Organisation’s Water Footprint With Strategic & Proactive Conservation Strategies

  • Create a practical water management plan which works for you by pinpointing your water issues and mapping out your goals
  • From quick wins to long-term, comprehensive water saving measures... discover how you can reduce water demand and waste in your organisation today
  • As companies are challenged to execute better water management practices, what is the key to water reduction success?
  • Ensure employees are invested in your reduction strategies to positively impact the environment, and the workplace

Achim Drewes, Sustainability & Stakeholder Relations, Nestlé Waters EMENA


14.20 Establish Responsible, Authentic & Quality Carbon Offsetting Projects Which Deliver Real Value, Wider Business Benefits & Mitigate Greenwashing Claims

  • What new methodologies are emerging to transform business change and drive future profitability?
  • Agile is the methodology of the moment, but where are waterfall techniques more appropriate to ensure project success?
  • Mitigate resistance, risk and long-term uncertainty by determining the right framework and operating models for you

Pete Stevens, Manager of Carbon Neutrality, Yorkshire Water


14.40 Inspire & Empower The Transition Towards A More Sustainable Future By Developing Forward-Thinking, Holistic Regenagri Strategies & Initiatives

  • How can nature be used to deliver more sustainable outcomes?
  • From theory to practical action! Draw up and drive forward advances in your regenagri strategies with actionable insights

Annelie Selander, Group Sustainability Director, Nomad Foods

15.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.30 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.00 Business-Critical Insights From COP26 That You Need To Hear Today In Order To Accelerate Action & Drive Forward Your Net-Zero Agenda

  • What have been the key takeaways from COP26, and how can you feed these into your action plans moving forward?
  • From challenges to opportunities: was there anything unexpected that came from the conference that you should be looking to (re)focus on?
  • Beyond policy... what were the real moments of inspiration from the event that have rekindled your fire?

James Close, Head of Climate Change, NatWest Group


16.20 Adopt Carbon Offsetting Projects That Make A Tangible Impact On The Environment

  • Balancing the scales: uncover innovative, inspirational and forward-thinking offsetting strategies to reduce your organisation’s environmental footprint
  • Compensate, collaborate, mitigate! Measure and calculate your organisation’s carbon footprint in order to counter this effectively and deliver energy-efficient projects
  • Deep dive into strategies to sequester CO2 from the atmosphere to reach the Paris Agreement

Baishakhi Sengupta, Environmental Sustainability & Governance Strategic Consultant, Avara Foods


16.40 How Do You Make Net-Zero Milk?

  • Deep dive into the impact of agriculture on climate change and how that looks globally
  • Emissions evaluation: where are the emissions in agricultural protein products, and what is the industry doing to tackle emissions?
  • What are the challenges we still need to solve, and what are we doing about those challenges?

Jen Butcher, Head of Responsibility Engagement, AB Agri


17.00 From Set-Backs To Successes! Build & Develop Robust, Future-Ready Strategies Which Drive Forward Progress & Define Your Net Zero Journey

  • Review and assess the impacts of the pandemic on net-zero progress
  • Break down the buzzwords and examine best-in- class advice on how to set goals and targets to truly embed net zero into your business planning

Alexander Herridge, Alliance Carbon Manager, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water


Alex Pitman, Energy & Carbon Performance Manager, Co-operative Group

Julie Owst, Head of Sustainability & Change, Bidfood

Emma Detain, Sustainability Manager, Mindful Chef

Baishakhi Sengupta, Environmental Sustainability & Governance Strategic Consultant, Avara Foods

17.30 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference